[ovirt-devel] [ OST Failure Report ] [ oVirt Master ] [ 06-11-2017 ] [ 002_bootstrap.verify_add_hosts ]

Dafna Ron dron at redhat.com
Mon Nov 6 11:39:33 UTC 2017


We failed test 002_bootstrap.verify_add_hosts

I can see we only tried to install one of the hosts (host-0) and failed.
the second host has no log which means we did not try to deploy it.

The error suggests that we ovirt-imageio-daemon failed to start.
However, there is another message that I think should be addressed about
conflicting vdsm and libvirt configurations.


*Link to suspected patches: https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/83612/*


Link to Job:

Link to all logs:



*(Relevant) error snippet from the log: *




2017-11-06 02:56:46,526-0500 DEBUG otopi.plugins.ovirt_host_deploy.vdsm.packages plugin.execute:921 execute-output: ('/usr/bin/vdsm-tool', 'configure', '--force') stdout:

Checking configuration status...

abrt is not configured for vdsm
WARNING: LVM local configuration: /etc/lvm/lvmlocal.conf is not based on vdsm configuration
lvm requires configuration
libvirt is not configured for vdsm yet
FAILED: conflicting vdsm and libvirt-qemu tls configuration.
vdsm.conf with ssl=True requires the following changes:
libvirtd.conf: listen_tcp=0, auth_tcp="sasl", listen_tls=1
qemu.conf: spice_tls=1.
multipath requires configuration

2017-11-06 02:56:47,551-0500 DEBUG otopi.plugins.otopi.services.systemd plugin.execute:926 execute-output: ('/usr/bin/systemctl', 'start', 'ovirt-imageio-daemon.service') stderr:
Job for ovirt-imageio-daemon.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status ovirt-imageio-daemon.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

2017-11-06 02:56:47,552-0500 DEBUG otopi.context context._executeMethod:143 method exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/tmp/ovirt-R4R8gZhaQI/pythonlib/otopi/context.py", line 133, in _executeMethod
  File "/tmp/ovirt-R4R8gZhaQI/otopi-plugins/ovirt-host-deploy/vdsm/packages.py", line 179, in _start
    self.services.state('ovirt-imageio-daemon', True)
  File "/tmp/ovirt-R4R8gZhaQI/otopi-plugins/otopi/services/systemd.py", line 141, in state
RuntimeError: Failed to start service 'ovirt-imageio-daemon'
2017-11-06 02:56:47,553-0500 ERROR otopi.context context._executeMethod:152 Failed to execute stage 'Closing up': Failed to start service 'ovirt-imageio-daemon'




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