[ovirt-devel] Adding s390 support to oVirt

Barak Korren bkorren at redhat.com
Sun Nov 26 09:50:46 UTC 2017

On 24 November 2017 at 14:36, Dan Horák <dan at danny.cz> wrote:
> ok, I'm pretty sure we can make it work :-) Please send me your
> public SSH key and preferred username, then I'll set up you an account
> for you and we can work on the remaining details.

I would actually like two keys to be configured, one for our staging system:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCcaW1eHhuFfPKgDcSir/D2/qZlBwMSSXUXZi4F8SOt0C6WFggRcZB6kjk73GyzkZ879Wlr97WITAPXaaEFSNnaa0TSfTpuElqhOipR/IEM9KYDDfYIIoABBebhn6kpBBQ81gd3L4+8Lv6xse6YBu4/HhfILBbUN20DVUYd9vGUc2y0c9RasJjotdg7+1iUzbT/dqPG1OX/S4M/qIF6wcygnedHt2KtPE+QosCACNdtshGHwngO9H+wXv9e/37WFwU6dRMESCxrBAM+gxO8+0nLANW28GDr5EGYNs4gy5reyTKS8qqswHqK4h5bi7Ad1BSx29DUa8wEOUO/TV2eiUsz
jenkins at jenkins-staging.phx.ovirt.org

And another for the production system:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDsZ34L+B3YzL7a6zCrJB41r/IqM/s1ILXyjslApSrtquQRtUcbeoE7kS4PdyhO2U4Pu91EzYMPWc7JVnQirwKX5ksXwxZn/Y8f5KzKm5IfPRJfX6sBWS9eGRsyLj5JQjHiVYiBSsACidIr8zc3lJo/nxhp18wj5Ao4h5rhqpw/P+u53/NQ0KvRQtrBFxgWR9JM6KpcjB6rVzm1OBJQPe9aSm97NLh3ijXxYNrbIpXt/YoyByP36QVlcM+L9idFAWY2TkCX5mWclCJJeCint9+SxD0gRW3/tgNWwxx7nkFDGdl/WKhgT0JjmCVFqSG/cGNYYMX+A25zKqqD1SqPNFhx
jenkins at jenkins.phx.ovirt.org

The user names for the systems are 'jenkins-staging' and 'jenkins'
respectively, though it'll also be ok to use a different user name and
the same user for both. Both those users need to belong to the 'mock'

I have some places in the code where it just assumes it's got
password-less sudo configured and tries to install some needed
dependencies on its own. Those dependencies are most probably not
needed for the builds we're discussing here (They include libvirt and
docker that are used by build processes that escape mock to generate
container and VM images...) , but I'll need to add some checking in my
code and skip those settings if sudo permissions are not available.
This is why I'd rather connect the staging system first.

Barak Korren
RHV DevOps team , RHCE, RHCi
Red Hat EMEA
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