State of our puppet use

Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden ewoud+ovirt at
Mon Nov 18 09:03:34 EST 2013

Hello all,

In preparation for the meeting I thought I'd write something about the
state of our puppet use.

First of all, we manage access. I think this works reasonably well, but
the workflow for completeness.

* (New) infra member creates a class ovirt_infra::user::USERNAME
* It is submitted as a review to
* Once merged, it's added to the production hostgroup
* On the next puppet runs the user is created

The second big thing we do, is manage our jenkins slaves. I'm not sure I
like the workflow because it's so static. I wonder why so many system
dependencies are needed and if we can't build using mock. This ensures a
clean build.

Another thing we must fix is renaming ovirt_infra::jenkins-slave to
ovirt_infra::jenkins_slave or ovirt_infra::jenkins::slave because a dash
is discouraged and broken in modern puppet versions.

The next IMHO big improvement is merging r10k deployments, Once that's done, I'd also like to add
tests through

For the future I have some other ideas:

* Use puppet exported resources to automatically build the icinga
* Split linode01 into separate servers and manage those using puppet.
* Documentation

Comments, feedback or anything I missed?

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