gerrit upgrade

Itamar Heim iheim at
Sun Jan 5 08:29:52 UTC 2014

with gerrit 2.8 released a month ago having our fix for Configurable 
external robots.txt file (thanks juan), I'm planning to upgrade next 
monday (January 13th) to 2.8.

other noteworthy changes - worth reading those with asterisk(*).

gerrit 2.7[1]
- New /a/tools URL.
   This allows users to download the commit-msg hook via the command
   line if the Gerrit server requires authentication globally.

- Gerrit Trigger Plugin in Jenkins
   WARNING: Upgrading to 2.7 may cause the Gerrit Trigger Plugin in
   Jenkins to stop working. Please see the "New Stream Events global
   capability" section below.

gerrit 2.8[2]

* New change screen with completely redesigned UI and fully using the
   Users can choose which one to use in their personal preferences,
   either using the site default or explicitly choosing the old one or
   new one.
- Secondary indexing with Lucene and Solr.
- Lots of new REST API endpoints.
- New UI extension and JavaScript API for plugins.
- New build system using Facebook’s Buck.
- New core plugin: Download Commands.
- Configurable external robots.txt file.
* Labels can be configured to copy scores forward to new patch sets if
   there is no code change.
* Labels can be configured to copy scores forward to new patch sets for
   trivial rebases.
* New button to cherry-pick the change to another branch.
* When issuing a rebase via the Web UI, the committer is now the logged
   in user, rather than "Gerrit Code Review".




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