[ovirt] #104: accept only backports into stable branches

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Tue Jan 7 14:38:29 UTC 2014

#104: accept only backports into stable branches
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 Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  oVirt 3.4
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Comment (by ekohl):

 It is slightly inconvenient that at least for ovirt-engine there are
 branches and tags with the same name.

 That said, a start:

 CHANGE_ID=$(git show | awk '/Change-Id:/ { print $2 }')
 if [ -n "$CHANGE_ID" ] ; then
     CONTROLLER=$(git symbolic-ref --short HEAD | sed
     CONTROLLER_BRANCH=$(git rev-parse --verify --verify origin/$CONTROLLER
 2> /dev/null)
     OUTPUT=$(git log ${CONTROLLER_BRANCH:-master} --oneline --grep
 ="Change-Id: $CHANGE_ID")
     if [ -n "$OUTPUT" ] ; then
         echo "Change-Id $CHANGE_ID found in $OUTPUT"
         echo "Change-Id $CHANGE_ID not found in
         exit 1
     echo "No Change-Id found"

 It needs a check for {{{Label: $BRANCH-only}}} and I'm not yet sure how we
 reliably check all commits are valid without checking all commits every
 time. Maybe we can use {{{git log master..HEAD}}}, or was it {{{...}}} for
 the strictly only in HEAD but not in master?

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