release repo structure and 3.3.2

Alon Bar-Lev alonbl at
Thu Jan 16 12:44:24 UTC 2014

Hi Guys,

I do not understand why it is so complicated, and why we need to re-invent the wheel.

Downstream (rhel) considerations are not applied to upstream, as it can have its own release cycle, cherry-pick whatever it likes.

z-stream by nature is per component, as interface is not broken.

The decision when to release z-stream of a component is up to component maintainer.

The release cycle of each component should be independent at least for its z-stream component.

If we have an issue with one component which is unmaintainable (ovirt-engine), we can have separate repos for this one to be managed by different policy (non rolling z-stream).

However, as the decision of when to put a component into stable repo is up to maintainer anyway, there is no sense in splitting it either.

So once again, I suggest that once a component is released it is moved to stable repository.

If there is a package that cannot survive that (such ovirt-engine and maybe vdsm) with issues of backward compatibility and such we can have another repo per *MINOR* version to handle these, the decision of pushing z-stream into that repository is up to maintainer.


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