Proposal for dropping packages from ovirt rpm repositories

Alon Bar-Lev alonbl at
Wed Jan 22 10:00:17 UTC 2014

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> Subject: Proposal for dropping packages from ovirt rpm repositories
> Hi,
> I think that having the same package on different repositories must be
> avoided.
> The last python-cpopen-1.3 release broke repository closure of ovirt-stable
> which provides a vdsm release still requiring vdsm-python-cpopen.
> I think that since vdsm and other packages are delivered in Fedora
> repositories we should not deliver them in ovirt repositories.
> An example is:
> python-cpopen affects both Fedora and oVirt repositories, hitting 2 different
> products.
> but other packages are handled as vdsm.
> So i suggest to keep just .tar.gz files on ovirt site for allowing fedora
> packagers to build referencing the source tarball and drop at all any
> package already provided by Fedora from ovirt site.
> Comments as always are welcome.

We should build pre-release as fedora will wait for release, and we might depend on pre-release for our own pre-releases right?

Also, if we are not the ones that control the fedora packaging, then we probably need to provide even release until fedora adds to their repo.

Maybe these components should go into different non ovirt repositories that can be easily disabled? even one per such package?

If this is the only example and it is quite static, then no need to invest any resource... just remove it.


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