fetching from gerrit is extremely slow

Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden ewoud+ovirt at kohlvanwijngaarden.nl
Wed Jan 22 13:48:13 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 08:32:07AM -0500, Omer Frenkel wrote:
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> > Most common cause for this issue is TLV rehdat office out bandwidth. Are you
> > tring to connect from TLV RedHat office?
> > 
> yes :(

Not that I have any idea how RH TLV is setup, but I wonder if a local
mirror could be set up. It wouldn't solve the push speed, but at least
fetching could be sped up.

Personally I have the following in my ~/.gitconfig:

[url "git://gerrit.ovirt.org/"]
        insteadOf = "ovirt:"
[url "ssh://USERNAME@gerrit.ovirt.org:29418/"]
	pushInsteadOf = "ovirt:"

Then I clone my repos as:

git clone ovirt:vdsm -o gerrit

This results in the following:

$ git remote -v
gerrit	git://gerrit.ovirt.org/vdsm (fetch)
gerrit	ssh://USERNAME@gerrit.ovirt.org:29418/vdsm (push)

RH TLV users could then change their fetch URL to the local mirror.

Given RH TLV should set this up, I'm mostly looking at Itamar to see if
this is an acceptable solution.

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