Infra issu retrospective

R P Herrold herrold at
Wed Jan 22 15:35:31 UTC 2014

for the weekly sync, I see the following matters

I was absent Monday for an appt, and do not see an email with 
Prior week was skipped becuase of member availability issues 
as well.
So this is a summary from the list traffic for the last few 

In no particular order:
- Kimchi asks for jenkins coverage #105
- ditto standing up an Ubuntu test instance was requested

- Disk space issues on lists were hit on a transient basis 

- I have observed wink outages on gerrit, and lists of less 
than an hour's duration

- linnode PTR and it turns out A and AAAA record have not 
proceded, as the request was being 'sat on'
This is really needed to solve an email filtering issue at 
Comcast, and one assumes other ISPs,  They also examine this data, 
along with _SPF  TXT records.  

DNS management is weak as responsibility and capability to 
solve are not unified here

- the gerrit is sluggish for unknown reasons doing version 
control CO's (several reports)
 ... possible BW limitations on some link paths?

- jenkins got a 'just in case' reboot last week, but no root 
cause analysis was performed

Personally I am building a 'knock-off' iscsi and NFS unit, 
based on the QNAP doco and git content, for oVirt testing 
locally, ... particularly performance timing trials

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