[oVirt Jenkins] ovirt_engine_master_animal_sniffer_check - Build # 5973 - Fixed!

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Wed Jan 22 17:51:49 UTC 2014

Project: http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt_engine_master_animal_sniffer_check/ 
Build: http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt_engine_master_animal_sniffer_check/5973/
Build Number: 5973
Build Status:  Fixed
Triggered By: Started by an SCM change

Changes Since Last Success:
Changes for Build #5969

Changes for Build #5970
[Tal Nisan] core,webadmin: Added flag on storage pool that marks a local fs pool

[Tal Nisan] core: Remove storage type parameter in create storage pool VDS command

[Tal Nisan] core,webadmin: Move storage type checks to domain instead of pool

[Tal Nisan] core: Remove methods concerning pool types from storage dao

[Tal Nisan] core: Changed master connection type in RecoveryStoragePool command

[Tal Nisan] core: Changed storage type check in ConnectAllHostsToLun command

[Tal Nisan] core: Change connect/disconnect storage commands to type agnostic

[Tal Nisan] core: Add storage types to DiskImage entity

[Tal Nisan] core,webadmin: Remove of storage pool type

[Tal Nisan] webadmin: Added storage type column to disks table

Changes for Build #5971
[Moti Asayag] engine: Clear eclipse warnings of missing default case

[Moti Asayag] engine: Use proper parameters class for CollectVdsNetworkData

[Omer Frenkel] core: add template version related fields to vm and template

[Omer Frenkel] core: import/export from template version

[Omer Frenkel] core: support adding template version

[Shahar Havivi] Vm Init - new Feature

[Omer Frenkel] core: use template version on add vm/pool

Changes for Build #5972

Changes for Build #5973
[Jiri Moskovcak] engine: added the basic policies to the even guest policy

Failed Tests:
No tests ran. 

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