No new subscriptions in mailman

R P Herrold herrold at
Wed Jan 22 21:50:44 UTC 2014

On Wed, 22 Jan 2014, Dave Neary wrote:

> I think this was related to the space issue - I restarted mailman, and
> it cleared the queue of unsent moderator & subscription email.

* nod *  A couple of thoughts as to 'doing mailman' better:

zero: Set the moderator auto-discard queue to seven days and 
be done with it -- on a geek mailing list, people 'get it' 
that they have to subscribe to post, and will get the 
customary notices when they mess up.  Dump the clutter, as 
mailman has .. very weak ... logging in its v 2 series

one: To permit us to ID this going forward, please install 
'diskcheck' on the unit, and optionally tune it to emit 
notices to the mailing list or some monitored place

builds trivially, and is no arch with no unusual BR or Reqs

config file is:

and looks to use the sourced value for

and possibly set it to the global mailman owner, or the infra 
list owner, or (a poorer choice) the list

I also tinker with the value for:

to make it easier to 'see' these with procmail locally 
filtering stuff

two: it may make sense to set the MTA up to use a custom find 
script looking at the outbound queue, and deleting 
undeliverables after a day or two (the content of a mailing 
list is 'bulk' and should not be 'critical' for delivery as it 
is routine and archived into a pipermail archive.  After 
cleaning the OB queue, restart the MTA for hood measure, and 
optionally the mailman as well

third: Via cron, I run a monthly process to enumerate all the 
mailing lists on a given host, and then to dump an email with 
all subscribers, and to pull off various stats.  It is built 
from simple mailman CLI tools.  I save the detail over time, 
and can sometimes help former members back onto the lsit, or 
figure out my subscribers count more easily

[root at lists cron.monthly]# cat 
#       /root/bin/              
#       cd /etc/cron.monthly                       
#       ln -s /root/bin/        
export PATH='/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin'
[ ! -d $TMPDIR ] && mkdir -p $TMPDIR
cd /usr/lib/mailman/bin
for i in `./list_lists | grep -v ^[0-1] | awk {'print $1'}`; 
        echo "$i " >> $TMPFILE
        ./list_members $i >> $TMPFILE
        echo " " >> $TMPFILE
cat $TMPFILE | mail -s "ELIDED mailman list members" root
[ -e $TMPFILE ] && rm -f $TMPFILE
[root at lists cron.monthly]#

fourth:  (personal)

I had built a 'herrold.pp' in my local git CO, but forget what 
I need to do to get it applied, and my google fu on the ovirt 
site fails me[herrold at centos-6 ovirt]$ cat \
# The user for Russ Herrold
class ovirt_infra::user::herrold($password = undef) {
  ovirt_infra::user {'herrold':
    key      => 'ssh-rsa 
herrold at',
    password => $password,

I assume there is a way I can leverage one of my ovirt 
credentials to get it 'reviewed' and committed -- possibly get 
seek a gerrit review of it?

Please remind me if you could.  Thanks

-- Russ herrold

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