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On 01/22/2014 01:09 PM, Chris Cowley wrote:
> Hello all
> This is a quick introduction to myself.
> By day I am an Infrastructure Architect at a Consultancy in rainy 
> Rennes, France (although I am actually English). By night (and
> day) and am a general Linux loving Open Source enthusiast/bigot.


I haven't been paying much attention lately, sorry -- what's the
current way for bringing new folks & their interests in to the
Infrastructure Team?

- - Karsten

> I want to get involved quite simple because I love oVirt so far.It
> has become my choice of homelab env and I suggest it to clients
> where appropriate. The processes and tools you use all map nicely
> onto the skills I have and my preferred way of working.
> Whether I can hang out on IRC is a little unsure, for me it will
> be 1600, so the needs of the day job will have to take priority.
> Look forward to helping out
> Chris Cowley 
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