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On 01/22/2014 07:35 AM, R P Herrold wrote:
> - Disk space issues on lists were hit on a transient basis Sunday

I would like to get us off the Linode instance ASAP.

I don't have a lot time to spare for it, but whatever I need to do as
the Linode admin, let me know.

> - linnode PTR and it turns out A and AAAA record have not proceded,
> as the request was being 'sat on' This is really needed to solve an
> email filtering issue at Comcast, and one assumes other ISPs,  They
> also examine this data, along with _SPF  TXT records.

Getting some help here right no with the DNS admins (Red Hat IT.) I
fixed the reverse lookup, should propagate soon. Working on the AAAA
record for IPv6 (which I'm pretty ignorant about.)

Sorry that I didn't realize there was something hanging on my
participation, thanks to Dave Neary for grabbing me by the ear and
walking me through what I can do.

> DNS management is weak as responsibility and capability to solve
> are not unified here

If we want to take over being primary/secondary nameservers for
*, I think we can do that. Get things setup and we can get
the person handling the registrar details to switch us over.

Do we want to handle our own DNS? Seems sane to me ... but I won't be
doing the work. :)

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