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> Hello all
> This is a quick introduction to myself.
> By day I am an Infrastructure Architect at a Consultancy in rainy
> Rennes, France (although I am actually English). By night (and day)
> and am a general Linux loving Open Source enthusiast/bigot.
> I want to get involved quite simple because I love oVirt so far.It has
> become my choice of homelab env and I suggest it to clients where
> appropriate. The processes and tools you use all map nicely onto the
> skills I have and my preferred way of working.
> Whether I can hang out on IRC is a little unsure, for me it will be
> 1600, so the needs of the day job will have to take priority.
> Look forward to helping out

Welcome chris!
Its great to see someone step out and willing to get into the oVirt action :)
I'm thrilled to see you're exited about oVirt and interested in getting involved 
with it's infra.

We're hosting a weekly meeting each mondays on the #ovirt irc channel at 15:00 UTC time.
you're welcome to join any time, and get to know the infra team and the stuff we do.

Amongst our tasks are managing all the 'devops' and 'infra' side of oVirt,
which includes CI (, CM (puppet & foreman), Monitoring, Repository mgmt 
and much more. there is a nice map of most of our resources -

About joining the team -  here's a short wiki on becoming a new infra member -
feel free to catch me on irc (eedri) for any info, we'll be glad to get you involved and doing cool stuff for oVirt.


Eyal Edri
oVirt infra team.

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