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Dave Neary dneary at redhat.com
Wed Jan 29 13:58:55 UTC 2014

Hi Russ,

On 01/23/2014 08:30 PM, R P Herrold wrote:
> and so to some questions for clarification: Is 'bitergia' and 
> its sub-parts packaged into a form that has landed in Fedora, 
> or ... where ?  I found the demo instance pointed to to be 
> very sluggish and loady on my local browser, but did not run 
> down why yet with a local install

The dashboard is using the Metrics Grimoire, and various tools
associated with the project for mailing list, gerrit, Bugzilla, etc.
stats: http://metricsgrimoire.github.io/

It's all open source, but the specific configuration files used for
oVirt are not published at this point.

> Is that linked instance pulling real time stats from live 
> servers or from cached details?

It's generated daily from data pulled from data sources.


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