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R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Thu Jan 30 19:05:03 UTC 2014

On Wed, 29 Jan 2014, Dave Neary wrote:

> > and so to some questions for clarification: Is 'bitergia' and 
> > its sub-parts packaged into a form that has landed in Fedora, 
> > or ... where ? 

so, not packaged -- looking at:
	http://metricsgrimoire.github.io/, it in turns points 

with nine component sub-parts (one the web presence and so 
it may be ignored here), so ... to work packaging ...

Setting to teasing the packaging task apart in a CentOS 6 
environment, the first [Bicho] pulls in Requires for:
	python-storm		(epel * )
	python-beautifulsoup	(in Fedora)
		--seemingly also called: python-BeautifulSoup
	python-feedparser	(epel)
	python-dateutil		base OS

* I get consistent local 'make test' failures when the 
mocker checks DB connectivity, on each of the 19 available 
python-storm candidates when trying a rebuild from SRPM.  I 
will be filing a bug

I do not see any open bug on this package, but then neither I 
do see that the package went through the expected accessioning 
review in the Fedora process either [1]

After about 1.5 hr work, I have a rough initial packaging done 
of 'Bicho' -- there is none of the setup doco there yet, and 
the spec file is ... rough --- I also pushed the generating 
script (a 'README') to:

But obviously doing the remaining ones is in order (this the 
release exteriorly of the 'README' to re-point at the other 
seven (let me know, anyone, if such work is done, and where I 
might pull a revised 'README', and it will save me doing it)

> It's all open source, but the specific configuration files used for
> oVirt are not published at this point.

If there is confidential information to abstract out [I see 
that DB credentials are mentioned in the setup documentation] 
into placefolders that puppet completes, I certainly 
understand, but the rest should be boiler plate.  Seeing a 
worked example or puppet recipes will speed matters
> > Is that linked instance pulling real time stats from live 
> > servers or from cached details?

> [the latter]

Wonder why it was sluggish.  There is a caution in Bicho that 
it is quite aggressive in pulling content out of bug trackers, 
and that one has to take steps to slow it down so it does not 
get banned

-- Russ herrold

[1] http://red.ht/1aKw8k5

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