Proposing Liron Aravot as an engine-core maintainer

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Sun Jan 26 13:06:31 UTC 2014

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> Subject: Proposing Liron Aravot as an engine-core maintainer
> Hi core maintainers,
> I would like to propose Liron Aravot as an engine-core maintainer.
> Liron joined the oVirt project on June 2012, and has since contributed
> over 170 patches to master (not counting backports to various stable
> branches).
> He has been instrumental in implementing oVirt's Backup API for external
> providers, and has a been a driving force in improving flows regarding
> SPM election and master domain reconstruction, handling OVF backups and
> various concurrency issues both as a coder and a reviewer.
> Your response would be appreciated.


> Thanks,
> Tal.

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