Proposing Liron Aravot as an engine-core maintainer

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Sun Jan 26 14:56:20 UTC 2014

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> Subject: Proposing Liron Aravot as an engine-core maintainer
> Hi core maintainers,
> I would like to propose Liron Aravot as an engine-core maintainer.
> Liron joined the oVirt project on June 2012, and has since contributed
> over 170 patches to master (not counting backports to various stable
> branches).
> He has been instrumental in implementing oVirt's Backup API for external
> providers, and has a been a driving force in improving flows regarding
> SPM election and master domain reconstruction, handling OVF backups and
> various concurrency issues both as a coder and a reviewer.
> Your response would be appreciated.

I've worked with Liron since the very first day he joined oVirt and have been impressed by his analytic capabilities and by his keen sense for detail on more than one occasion.

+1, full-heartedly. 

> Thanks,
> Tal.

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