INFRA ISSUE: [oVirt Jenkins] ovirt-engine_3.5_upgrade-from-3.4_merged - Build # 1004 - Still Failing!

Jenkins ci oVirt Server jenkins at
Fri Oct 24 08:41:32 UTC 2014

Build Number: 1004
Build Status:  Still Failing
Triggered By: Triggered by Gerrit:

Changes Since Last Success:
Changes for Build #1001
[Daniel Erez] core: RemoveDiskSnapshots - sort non-consecutive images

Changes for Build #1002
[Ravi Nori] webadmin: Events tab message column too narrow

Changes for Build #1003
[Vitor de Lima] core, restapi,engine: Avoid enabling balloon device on VM edit

[David Caro] Added puppet check scripts

Changes for Build #1004
[Juan Hernandez] restapi: Add snapshot id to snapshot preview RSDL

Failed Tests:
No tests ran. 

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