[Users] Host can't join the cluster

Haim Ateya hateya at redhat.com
Wed May 16 11:24:32 UTC 2012

I guess you compiled vdsm yourself, please run the following command from your host: 

vdsClient -s 0 getVdsCaps (assuming you work with SSL). 

anyhow, it smells like a known issue with latest build where vdsm returns supported_clusters = 3.0 and engine reject host, but lets find out. 



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> Subject: [Users] Host can't join the cluster

> After upgrade of vdsm from 4.9.6-0.196.gitb8b79b5 to
> 4.9.6-0.201.git98e8078

> engine set host in nonoperational mode, the error is

> "Host kvm04 is compatible with versions (3.0,3.1) and cannot join
> Cluster Default which is set to version 3.1."

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