[Users] Default storage pool won't activate after reboot

Haim Ateya hateya at redhat.com
Wed May 9 19:34:49 UTC 2012

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> From: "Ian Levesque" <ian at crystal.harvard.edu>
> To: "Haim Ateya" <hateya at redhat.com>
> Cc: users at ovirt.org, "Jacob Wyatt" <jwyatt at ggc.edu>
> Sent: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 10:08:17 PM
> Subject: Re: [Users] Default storage pool won't activate after reboot
> On May 9, 2012, at 2:59 PM, Haim Ateya wrote:
> > Hi Ian,
> > 
> > would it be possible for you to attach both ovirt-engine (manager)
> > & vdsm logs (host) so can investigate further?
> Sure -- you can downl
> load a zip of both logs here:
> http://cl.ly/1h3u322S3f1Y1W0p1T3E/logs.zip

it appears that connectStoragePool command fails with the following error: 

Thread-65664::ERROR::2012-05-09 13:17:46,922::dispatcher::66::Storage.Dispatcher.Protect::(run) {'status': {'message': "Cannot find master domain: 'spUUID=af5bcc86-898a-11e1-96
32-003048c85226, msdUUID=e12a0f53-ee72-44bc-ad26-93f9b4613c6c'", 'code': 304}}

and that's the reason your pool doesn't turn active.
in order to understand why, I would like to get a view of your domain metadata:

what kind of storage are you using ? NFS or local-domain ?
- please access your NFS storage
- change dir to export directory - /vmstore/ovirt 
- cat the following e12a0f53-ee72-44bc-ad26-93f9b4613c6c/dom_md/metadata 

> Thanks,
> Ian

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