[Users] Default storage pool won't activate after reboot

Ian Levesque ian at crystal.harvard.edu
Fri May 11 19:12:23 UTC 2012

On May 9, 2012, at 8:54 PM, Shu Ming wrote:

>> the params sent by the manager connecting host to pool fits to what written in metadata, hence, normally, vdsm shouldn't fail.
>> however, could please run the following:
>> - mount command (on host) - if 'cmcd-db-vip.in.hwlab:/vmstore/ovirt' exists, umount it.
>> - restart vdsmd service
>> - try active pool again (from manager)
>> just want to make sure there is no caching issue.
>> please attach logs (vdsm only) after you perform the above.
> Also, I would like to know the rw attribute of
> cmcd-db-vip.in.hwlab:/vmstore/ovirt

The node isn't mounting this NFS export at all. Prior to this issue, it was being mounted read-write and I was successfully running a test VM.


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