[Users] Unable to install Windows 7 with thin provisioned disks

Ricky Schneberger ricky at teknikservice.nu
Wed May 30 18:22:55 UTC 2012


I found that my swtich made some suspicius things when I bond 2
networkscard together and after I got that up and running I cannot
reproduce the error.
So the reported error "....I/O problems...." seems to be correct. The
problem Ive got was outside the oVirt environment.


On 2012-05-29 05:57, Haim Ateya wrote:
> Hi Ricky, 
> As I replied in previous thread with similar issue, please provide full
> vdsm.log
> Haim
> On May 29, 2012, at 4:34, Ricky Schneberger <ricky at schneberger.se
> <mailto:ricky at schneberger.se>> wrote:
>> I am unable to get an install of Windows 7 to start when using thin
>> provisioned disks. If I use preallocated disks everything is fine.
>> What I got is that when the VM is booting up it paused with error
>> message "VM is paused due to i/O problems with storage domain"
>> In the vdsm.log I got following
>> Thread-3449::DEBUG::2012-05-25
>> 10:41:00,139::libvirtvm::240::vm.Vm::(_getDiskStats)
>> vmId=`e36b1add-acf2-4c8c-8f7b-a7fe4436b115`::Disk hda stats not available
>> Thread-3449::DEBUG::2012-05-25
>> 10:41:00,140::libvirtvm::269::vm.Vm::(_getDiskLatency)
>> vmId=`e36b1add-acf2-4c8c-8f7b-a7fe4436b115`::Disk hda latency not
>> available
>> Any clue?
>> Ricky Schneberger
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