[Users] Last-minute schedule changes to oVirt Workshop

Dave Neary dneary at redhat.com
Wed Oct 31 17:35:53 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Because of the cancellation of a session on next Thursday the 8th of 
November in the oVirt Workshop in Barcelona, we have moved things around 
a bit in the schedule to make room for BOF sessions on Thursday at 5pm. 
As a result, the sessions of Pino de Candia, Viay Bellur and Deepak 
Shetty have moved a little earlier - Pino will now be presenting IaaS 
networking comparing virtual networking to openflow-controlled switch 
fabrics at 2:20pm, Vijay will present oVirt & Gluster integration after 
the break at 3:30pm, and Deepak will present the integration of 
GlusterFS as a storage domain in VDSM at 4:15pm.

As a result of the reshuffle, we now have an hour (5pm-6pm) when we can 
schedule BOFs - I would love to see discussion here about potential BOF 

The full schedule for the oVirt Workshop is now:

Wednesday, Nov 7th - L'Aria Restaurant

Time		Title
9:00-11:00	oVirt Overview and Demo
		Andy Cathrow
11:00-12:00	oVirt Node – Architecture, Design and Roadmap
		Mike Burns
12:00-13:00	Lunch
13:00-13:40	oVirt High Level Architecture and Roadmap
		Itamar Heim
13:40-14:20	Deep Dive Features: Network
		Simon Grinberg
14:20-15:00	Deep Dive Features: Storage
		Andy Cathrow
15:30 – 18:00	Hands-on Lab – Use and Install

Thursday, Nov 8th - Rubi

Time		Title
9:00-10:00	Scripting and Integration: oVirt CLI and SDK
		Simon Grinberg
10:30-11:00	Using oVirt via EC2/CIMI with Deltacloud
		Oved Ourfali
11:00-11:30	Extending oVirt's Web Interface with UI Plugins
		Vojtech Szocs
11:30-12:00	Integrating oVirt into GNOME Boxes
		Christophe Fergeau
12:00-13:00	Lunch
13:00-13:40	Extending oVirt via Custom Hooks
		Andy Cathrow
13:40-14:20	SLA at oVirt
		Doron Fediuck
14:20-15:00	IaaS Networking: Overlay-Based Virtual Networking vs 
Openflow-Controlled Switch Fabrics
		Pino de Candia
15:30-16:15	oVirt/Gluster Integration
		Vijay Bellur
16:15-17:00	Integrating GlusterFS as a Storage Domain in VDSM
		Deepak C. Shetty
17:00-18:00	BOFs

Friday, Nov 9th - Rubi

Time		Title
09:00-09:15	oVirt keynote in Ambar
09:15-09:35	oVirt Infrastructure Overview
		Mike Burns
09:35-10:00	Automated Testing of oVirt Node
		Fabian Deutsch
10:30-11:15	libvdsm: A Stable and Supportable Node-Level API
		Adam Litke
11:15-12:00	VDSM for Developers
		Federico Simoncelli
12:00-13:00	Lunch
13:00-13:40	Engine for Developers
		Juan Hernandez
13:40-14:20	Storage Live Migration: Under the Hood
		Federico Simoncelli
14:20-15:00	UI for Developers
		Vojtech Szocs
15:30-16:00	oVirt Node and OpenStack
		Fabian Deutsch
16:00-16:45	Drools Integration into oVirt Engine
		Laszlo Horyak
16:45-17-30	BOF: How can we improve oVirt Troubleshooting?
		Lee Yarwood

In addition, as Jason said yesterday, there are several oVirt related 
sessions throuout the week in Barcelona: Itamar will present oVirt 
during the CloudOpen Summit on Tuesday 6th at 14:15 in Verdi, Andy 
Cathrow will give an overview of oVirt to KVM BOF attendees at 17:30 on 
Wednesday 8th in Ambar, and Vijay Bellur will present the integration of 
GlusterFS, oVirt and KVM at the Gluster workshop in Vivaldi on Thursday 8th.

See you all there! And please do suggest BOF topics here (although, as 
usual with BOFs, those who turn up decide what to talk about).


Dave Neary
Community Action and Impact
Open Source and Standards, Red Hat
Ph: +33 9 50 71 55 62 / Cell: +33 6 77 01 92 13

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