[Users] Please test check_rhev3 1.3 alpha

René Koch (ovido) r.koch at ovido.at
Mon Aug 19 08:36:59 EDT 2013


As discussed in previous thread I improved the authentication of my
Nagios plugin to use auth cookies per default and fall back to username
and password authentication on failure.
Here's a documentation how authentication is handled now:

You can download the alpha version from:

Please note that this is an early development version not intended to
use in production setups yet (requires some testing).
If you test it, please give me some feedback if the authentication is
working as expected. This means, that no "user at domain logged in"
messages appear in oVirt engine (if using oVirt >= 3.1) when Nagios is
checking oVirt environment.
Thanks a lot for testing and your feedback!

There's one known issue - if REST-API returns an error the plugin also
falls back to username and password. This happens e.g. when querying
interface statistics for vlan tagged interfaces on RHEV 3.2, which
returns "Operation Failed" (see
Don't have a solution for this right now...


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