[Users] so, what do you want next in oVirt?

Itamar Heim iheim at redhat.com
Tue Aug 20 17:19:16 EDT 2013

earlier in the year we did a survey for feature requests / improvements 
/ etc.

since a lot of things were added, and priorities usually change, I'd 
like to ask again for "what do you need the most from oVirt / what are 
your pain points" next?

below[1] I've listed my understanding of what already went in from 
previous survey requests (to various degrees of coverage).


[1] from the top 12
V Allow disk resize
V Integrate Nagios/Zabbix monitoring - via a ui plugin
V Highly Available engine - via hosted engine[2]
V Open vSwitch integration - via neutron integration
X Allow cloning VMs without template
? Enable hypervisor upgrade/updates through engine[3]
V Allow engine on an oVirt hosted VM - via hosted engine[2]
V Enable guest configuration (root password, SSH keys, network) via
   guest agent in engine - via cloud-init
X Integrate v2v into engine
? Bond/extend ovirtmgmt with a second network for HA/increased
X Integrate scheduling of snapshots and VM export for backups in
V Spice – support Google Chrome - via mime based launch

Other items mentioned in previous survey which should be covered by now:
- Fix timeout when adding local host during all-in-one configuration
- Fix engine set-up when SELinux is disabled
- Provide packages for el6 (CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
- Allow multiple VMs to be deployed from the same template at the same
- ISO domains on local/GlusterS
- Show IP addresses in Virtual Machines->Network Interfaces
- OpenStack Quantum support (now called Neutron)
- noVNC support
- Support spice.html5 and websocket proxy
- Add other guest OSes to list
- Port oVirt guest agent to Ubuntu[6]
- SLA - Allow resource time-sharing
- Spice - Mac client (via mime based launch)
- Spice - port XPI plug-in to Windows (not sure this will happen, but
   mime based launch allows using firefox now)
- Spice - client for Ubuntu/Debian (should be covered via mime based

[2] hosted engine is in active development, but not released yet.
[3] host update is supported, but not for general yum update.
[4] a lot of improvements were done in this space, but i'm not sure if
     they cover this exact use case
[5] backup api is now being pushed to master, and orchestration of
     backups should probably happen via 3rd part backup vendors?
[6] I'm not sure packaging exists yet, but ubuntu is covered for the
     basic functionality of the guest agent.

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