[Users] oVirt/RHEV Android client (Opaque) available for beta testing

i iordanov iiordanov at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 12:38:38 EST 2013


We invite any interested oVirt/RHEV developers and administrators to
beta-test Opaque, a new Android oVirt/RHEV client application.

To opt in, please reply to this message with an email address associated
with a Google Account, because joining the beta-test group is based on
membership to a Google Plus community. If you don't want that email address
posted to the mailing list, don't include it in your reply!

Itamar or I will add you to the community and let you know that you can
proceed to the following two steps:

1) Please visit this page here to accept the invitation:

2) Once you've become a member of the Google+ group, to opt-in, visit:

You will be able to download Opaque from Google Play by following the link
at the bottom of the opt-in page.

Please share your experiences with Opaque to the mailing list!


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