[Users] simple networking?

Juan Pablo Lorier jplorier at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 17:54:37 UTC 2013

Hi Ted,

I've lost the beggining of the thread so excuse me if I'm wrong about
the topic.
Do you want to get all the vms and host in the same subnet as the rest
of your lan or the hole collision domain?
When you create the logical networks (LN) in ovirt you can check if they
are required or not. If you decide that all your hosts must give access
to some subnet for vm use, you can create a LN, mark it as required in
your data center (DC) and configure it in every host you have in the dc.
Then you have two choices, if you just want the vms to access that
subnet, add it to the host without configuring the ip on the host and
you'll just get a bridge for vm use. If you want the host to use the
bridge also, configure the ip and you'll get both, vms and host to be in
the subnet.
If what you need is to get every vm access to the hole collision domain,
then I don't think you can do it in ovirt as you get a bridge for every
logical network and if you have both, tagged and untagged vlan traffic,
you won't be able use the same nic (or bond) to place mixed LNs (a
limitation I've rised but yet haven't been resolved).
Hope this helps.

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