[Users] What agents are needed?

Michal Skrivanek michal.skrivanek at redhat.com
Tue Dec 3 13:23:19 UTC 2013

On Dec 3, 2013, at 10:52 , Vinzenz Feenstra <vfeenstr at redhat.com> wrote:

> On 11/30/2013 09:49 PM, Blaster wrote:
>> There doesn't seem to be a single "tools" or "agent" install like there is under ESXi, that's required to be installed under ovirt, instead I've seen references to
>> 1) virtio drivers
>> 2) Spice drivers
>> 3) qemu agent
>> What's really needed under both Windows and Linux to get guests working properly?
> Well it depends on what you consider 'working properly'
> Mainly you will need to have the VirtIO drivers, the Spice Drivers and the Spice VDAgent
> For additional features supported by oVirt you'll also need the ovirt-guest-agent
> The qemu agent is currently optional, however will be required together with the ovirt-guest-agent at some point to support some additional features.
>> Are all these agents included in Fedora?
> Yes they are.

btw the virtio drivers are already in kernel so for a bare minimum functionality you're ready to go without any additional sw on Fedora. If you want copy&paste in SPICE you need vdagent, if you need detailed utilization statistics, app list, guest IP reporting, SSO  you need ovirt-guest-agent. If you need the new backup API and hotplug CPU in the future you'll need qemu-ga as well


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