[Users] How to backup thin provisioned qcow2 disks?

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> Subject: [Users] How to backup thin provisioned qcow2 disks?

> Hi, I'm currently looking for ways to backup my disks.
> Live storage migration converted my disks from
> preallocated to thin provisioning. Preallocated disk
> backups are working from a simple dd from a snapshot,
> but the thin qcow2 disks are a problem. I seems it uses
> multiple logical volumes (3 in my case).
For one snapshot? Are you sure? 

> Also they
> are combined MUCH bigger than the preallocated:
> 8GB raw vs thin: 31 GB - 1 snapshot.
What version are you using? 
And on what storage? 

> So I have two questions:
> - how would you backup these thin disks?
You could just copy all three of your volumes. 
A more robust way, though, would probably be to export the disk to an export domain. 

> - is it possible to convert thin to preallocated and
> discard the snapshots
Unfortunately, not while the VM is still running. If you shut it down, you can merge the snapshot back. 
Go to VMs -> Snapshots -> select the snapshot you want to remove, and click delete. 

> thanks

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