[Users] Failing migration, inconsistent state

Martijn Grendelman martijn.grendelman at isaac.nl
Thu Dec 5 10:00:45 UTC 2013


I tried to migrate several VMs from one host to another. Two VMs
migrated without issues, but for one VM, the migration didn't happen. It
seems to be hanging, but the UI is now in an inconsistent state:

- The 'Tasks' tab reports 0 active tasks, but the last task (the
migration in question) is still reported as 'Executing'.
- The VM status is 'Up' (not migrating)
- 'Migrate' action is choosable from menu, while 'Cancel Migration' is
greyed out, but when I choose 'Migrate' and pick a host, I am told
'Cannot migrate VM. VM <name> is being migrated.'.

What is the best way to fix this?

Met vriendelijke groet,
Martijn Grendelman

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