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Bob Doolittle bob at doolittle.us.com
Mon Dec 9 19:10:50 UTC 2013

On 12/09/2013 09:42 AM, Blaster wrote:
> I forgot my number 5)  BIOS needs to work like a standard PC BIOS (as 
> does ESXi) in allowing you to press F8 to get a boot menu or F12 for 
> network boot.

I'll disagree a tiny bit here. One *really annoying* quality of needing 
to use F2/F8/F12 during Windows bootup in a VM (including ESX/vSphere) 
is that sometimes it can be impossible to be quick enough on the 
keyboard to get attention before the OS bootup has begun. By the time 
you can get a console focus it's too late. That can be enormously 
frustrating, and Run Once does help with that.

VMware provides a (relatively hidden) option to mitigate this - there's 
a radiobox in a menu somewhere that effectively says "issue an F2 
immediately when the VM starts to boot up". This sends it straight into 
the BIOS menu. That radiobox has saved what little remains of my hair.

I kind of like "Run Once" for most of my needs, but I do understand 
Blaster's point for his scenario. If we evolve away from Run Once, it 
will be super important to provide the feature similar to VMware to 
force the machine into BIOS after power up.


> This run once stuff is silly.  It works fine the first time I create a 
> VM as there's no bootable OS on the datastore, but if I need to re-PXE 
> boot a VM, then I have to Run Once..OK, fine, but when the PXE 
> completes it reboots, back into network boot, then I have to kill the 
> VM and restart it normally.  Under a PC (or ESXi) BIOS, I just hit 
> F12, network boot, OS re-installs, then  reboots normally.  Much 
> better user experience.   I gave our Red Hat sales people feedback on 
> this issue and was told it's not going to change.
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