[Users] Master storage domain version mismatch

Liron Aravot laravot at redhat.com
Tue Dec 10 07:28:48 UTC 2013

Hi Marcus,
to identify the exact issue that you had i'll need to take a look on vdsm/engine logs - if you could attach those it'll be great.

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> Subject: [Users] Master storage domain version mismatch
> Hello,
> We are on ovirt 3.3.1 and I just filed BZ 1039835 because our master
> storage domain could not be activated any longer after some NFS failure
> tests (pulling cables, modifying /etc/exports, ...).
> This bug seems to happen from time to time. Several BZ and mailing list
> entries suggest that the logic to track the domain version in critical
> situations is not yet perfect.
> I was able to clean the situation with a SQL modification in the database
> "update storage_pool set master_domain_version=...;"
> As it may be interesting for others could someone clarify if there might
> be an issue with atomic operations. Admins may have enough headaches
> to get the NFS up and running after some kind of failure. So Ovirt should
> not be one of them.
> Markus
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