[Users] add fc storage question

martin.gotlund at amayagaming.com martin.gotlund at amayagaming.com
Tue Dec 10 13:57:30 UTC 2013

I have created an new ovirt-engine installation running 3.3.1, and have connected it to my ovirt-nodes that where connected to an ovirt-engine running 3.1.
All my ovirt nodes shares an lun containing one volume group, and that volume group have several virtual machines located on it.
I was able to connect the nodes ok,
but when I try to add the storage, it complains that its in use, I think it wan't  to create a new volume group on the lun.
Is there an way to make ovirt-engine use the already created VG instead of creating a new one.

Best Regards,
Martin Götlund

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