[Users] AcquireHostId problem

Pascal Jakobi pascal.jakobi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 08:57:31 UTC 2013

Context :

Creating storage domain (NFS) fails with error in engine.log such as
Error code AcquireHostIdFailure and error message VDSGenericException:
VDSErrorException: Failed to CreateStorage
Cannot acquire host id: ('b4f05e3e-d714-45c4-adf9-8d269418338f',
SanlockException(-203, 'Sanlock lockspace add failure', 'Sanlock

Reading the mail archive, I can see that this is a know issue but I do not
see the workaround. Can someone enlight me ?

Also, is there somewhere a coherent instruction set in order to make NFSv3
work (including iptables settings). I had to stop iptables to unblock
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