[Users] Strange UI bug: tab "VM" unusable / oVirt 3.3.1+

Tomas Jelinek tjelinek at redhat.com
Wed Dec 11 12:54:14 UTC 2013

While the question how did this happened I would like to start a parallel discussion about what to
do when it happens next time (since this osinfo property files are editable we have to expect that
some used OS will be deleted). It is certainly not correct to fail on NPE on FE...

I can imagine following options to fix it:
- fix only on FE by logic like: if the VM has assigned an OS which is not known, consider it is "other" (e.g. "0") 
  - brings up the question what if the user deletes the "0" from the property file

- fix this on engine side and do the magic (e.g. set the "other" if it is undefined) so the FE will never get an incorrectly assigned OS ID

- have an "undefined" OS ID hardcoded in the engine which can not be deleted by the user and we can assign it when the actual does not exist
  - again, we can do this re-assignment on FE or engine
  - brings up the question what the ID should be and what if the user adds some custom item with this ID

- do not transfer OS as ID and than some properties which maps to this IDs but real objects. So we could do instead of:
AsyncDataProvider.hasSpiceSupport(getEntity().getOs(), getEntity().getVdsGroupCompatibilityVersion())
something like getEntity().getOs().hasSpiceSupport()
So we could have an implementation of "undefined" os which could react appropriately.

I like most the last option but at the same time it is quite a big refactoring...
What do you think?

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> On 2013-12-11 8:18, Roy Golan wrote:
> > how was this engine installed, upgraded in time? nightly or with
> > official releases?
> This is my complete release timeline for this host/engine:
> Sep 02 17:50:37 Installed: ovirt-engine-3.3.0-0.7.rc2.fc19.noarch
> Sep 13 22:09:41 Updated: ovirt-engine-3.3.0-3.fc19.noarch
> Sep 22 18:37:26 Updated: ovirt-engine-3.3.0-4.fc19.noarch
> Okt 27 21:29:08 Updated: ovirt-engine-
> Dec 05 15:22:38 Updated: ovirt-engine-3.3.1-2.fc19.noarch
> Dez 08 21:31:55 Updated: ovirt-engine-3.3.2-0.1.beta1.fc19.noarch
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