[Users] Blank web page after database migration

Rob Abshear rabshear at citytwist.net
Wed Dec 11 16:48:13 UTC 2013

I followed the instructions from the following URLs



I backed up and restored the certificates and the configuration without 
any issues.  But the DB restore in the first set of instructions did not 
work for me. So I used the method in the second document to backup and 
restore the DB.

I wasn't able to perform the "Update encrypted password" step in the 
first document, because that script does not exist.  However, further 
down the document, it states that, "You can avoid this editing by 
choosing same password at both managers (old one and new one".  So I am 
assuming I am OK there.  Not enough information to know that, though.

The issue I'm having is that, when I browse into the new controller, the 
page loads, but it's completely blank.  No errors or anything. All the 
services seem to be running normally on the controller.  I feel like I'm 
close.  What am I missing?


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