[Users] all-in-one: adding nodes, HA

Vesa Alho listat at alho.fi
Mon Dec 16 11:21:42 UTC 2013


I've been searching archives, but didn't find a definitive answers so 
decided to ask here.

Question 1: all-in-one: adding nodes

In case I use all-in-one installation, is it possible to add more nodes? 
I would be using shared iSCSI storage. What I understand, in order to 
use multiple physical servers, I need to dedicate one for management?

Question 2: High Availability

What I need to do in practice to get high availability between two 
virtual machines? I tried to search for guides. Do I need setup some 
watchdog devices and daemons?

-Mr. Vesa Alho

BTW, does Ovirt FAQ exists yet? My questions would be basic FAQ 
material. I can help out with Wiki if needed.

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