[Users] simple networking? [SOLVED] mostly

Juan Pablo Lorier jplorier at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 19:16:13 UTC 2013

Hi Antoni,

I've tried two secentarios: to create a ifcfg-eth0.128 with the
parameters so it survives restarts, and to create dinamically with
vconfig and ifconfig so it does not survive the restart to see if ovirt
get the mgmt working.
The only thing that worked to me was creating the hole ovirtmgmt bridge
on top or the bondX.128 and of course, it does not fails.

This log is from one of the last two hosts I set up (3.3.1) where I
didn't create the bond, just created a vlan on top of eth0.



On 16/12/13 16:52, Antoni Segura Puimedon wrote:
> Hi Juan Pablo,
> Could you please share:
> /var/log/vdsm/supervdsm.log
> So that I can see why the installation fails? I'd also like to know
> how you set up the pre-existent vlan on the host.
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>> On 12/16/2013 12:54 PM, Juan Pablo Lorier wrote:
>>> Itamar,
>>> I have the same problem and already have mentioned that in previous
>>> posts. In my case, I have vlan 128 tagged assigned for ovirtmgmt so I
>>> set the host ip manually on top of a vlan interface and the, after ovirt
>>> does install the node, it fails to finish as it can't manage properly to
>>> create the bridge and pass the ip to the brand new bridge. The ovirtmgmt
>>> interface I create in engine is a bond (and originally I configure just
>>> a single interface with the ip to grant engine access), just in case
>>> this changes the scenario.
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