[Users] [Spice-devel] Spice Proxy seems to try connect to host and not defined proxy

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 15:39:38 UTC 2013

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 11:26 AM, Tomas Jelinek  wrote:
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> > @Marc-Andre: do you happen to know what where the win/linux versions where
>> > this support has been added to spice? I did not find it anywhere...
>> checking the NEWS files:
>> spice-gtk v0.15
>> virt-viewer v0.5.5
>> spice-xpi v2.8.90
> Thnx, enriched the wiki with this info.

Please note that on F19 I have:
and on F20 I see there is

SO does this mean that only in upcoming Fedora 20 (right today... ;-)
one would have spice-xpi functionality?

This test seems to confirm:

I'm doing further testing on f19 client with
(spice-gtk not installed, is it correct?)

I changed proxy ( port to 80 as at the moment is the only
opened on that lan.
I changed accordingly the engine config and restart
hypervisor ip is

>From same firefox:

1) if I select native client option I correctly get the console window
for a VM and in netstat
tcp        0      0            ESTABLISHED

2) If I select browser plugin for the same VM I get error and I see
with netstat that it is trying host ip and not proxy one
tcp        0      1          SYN_SENT

In terminal session before launching firefox I have set:
 export SPICE_DEBUG=1

What I get when I try console via spice-xpi is:

(plugin-container:15279): SpiceXPI-CRITICAL **: controller connect: No
such file or directory

(plugin-container:15279): SpiceXPI-CRITICAL **: controller connect: No
such file or directory

while in f20 I get, also with spice plugin:
tcp        0      0            ESTABLISHED
and in ps output:
gcecchi  2145     1  1 09:33 ?        00:00:01 remote-viewer --spice-controller

Hope that can get it also on Fedora 19, if the bug referred for 6.x
and resolved in 6.5 is this one I found:
should be "only" a matter to port upstram patch to fedora 19, correct?


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