[Users] Bridge w/o IP address?

Assaf Muller amuller at redhat.com
Thu Dec 19 20:36:05 UTC 2013

Host A has two NICs.
Setup ovirtmgmt on one NIC, and the "internal" network on the second NIC.
The internal network should be a VM network with no IP configuration.
If the VMs connected to the internal network will be allocated IPs
from a different subnet than the VMs on the ovirtmgmt network, then
the internal VMs won't be able to ping the host or the ovirtmgmt VMs.

You can also use VLANs to segregate the two networks, which will also
allow you to place both bridges on the same physical network device.
You could bond two NICs, then place two VLANned, VM networks on the same

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Red Hat 

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I want to put multiple VMs on the same hypervisor, some will be Internet 
facing, some will be internal facing.

I obviously don't want the hypervisor to be an attack vector, so I don't 
want the HV to have an IP address on the DMZ network.

Is this configuration as simple as creating another another bridge like 
the ovirtmgmt bridge, not giving it an IP address, and adding it to the 
DMZ facing hosts?

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