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> Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 16:48:43 -0500
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> On 12/19/2013 04:45 PM, Bob Doolittle wrote:
> >
> > On 12/19/2013 04:40 PM, Itamar Heim wrote:
> >> the main problems with delivering windows binaries are build machines,
> >> licensing of tools, etc.
> >> so there is no problem with you providing those builds if they don't
> >> happen to be available already.
> >
> >  From the peanut gallery:
> >
> > Since you're already building the Windows drivers on some (set of)
> > Windows build servers and putting it onto the ISO(s), that would seem to
> > be a good time to build the Windows Guest agent as well, and deliver it
> > in the same manner, thus killing multiple birds with one stone.
> >
> > Is that possible?
> >Hey, we're on a topic that I've been wanting to email, but wasn't sure which devel list to send it to. I have a few contributions that I would like to make in this area, but I'm not sure how to get started or what I can do (licensing). 1) I have created a .bat installer which properly copies the files to the right places, starts the service, and sets it to start at boot. Tested XP through 2012 R2, 32 & 64-bit (well, not XP 64-bit). 2) I have a .exe installer (2 technically) which includes the ovirt-guest-agent built files, the .bat installer, and can display a license. It extracts the files, and then the .bat runs to copy the files and start the service.3) I'm in the process of making a uninstall script to help with the removal. What I'd like to know/do1) Is it possible to distribute the binary files with an installer? If so then someone like me could build them on a windows system and share them back to oVirt in a .exe installer, a .iso with installer (.bat or .exe), or a .zip with an installer (.bat likely). More or less like we are doing for Ubuntu ovirt-guest-agent. 2) Can I contribute the .bat installer to the ovirt-guest-tools repo so those who get-clone and build the binaries only need to click the "install.bat" to get a working install? Less desirable, but in a somewhat right direction.  3) If I contribute the .bat installer, could we build a .zip and .iso which include the built files and .bat installer? The .zip wouldn't be any different than the .exe - extract the files, click install.bat and vola. Probably depends on #4 4) The problem is we don't readily have the windows binaries. We want to build the binaries on a common platform (Linux) - which I think we can do with pyinstaller (since py2exe isn't available on Linux). Can I assist with that, which would help lead to a .zip or .iso without needing a Windows system? I can't say we can generate a installer from python, but we might be able to. I want to help with everything in the above. At the worst I'm getting ready to revamp the "How to build ovirt-guest-tools for Windows" and could include a copy/paste-able version of the install.bat so someone could generate their own installer (install python, git-gui, clone repo, compile, click install.bat, done) or even one a guide which does builds the same but creates a distributable .zip that someone could use on their installs, but no distribution outside of their oVirt. All ideas and I want to help! But I'll need a hand - I don't know how to use git. I want to learn though.- Nick
> we'd need to build this on ovirt or fedora or any other publicly 
> available infra (iirc, it can't be done via mingw, but i could be wrong).
> I'd be really happy if anyone can try and help with this task, and 
> investigate if mingw can solve it for the guest agent, etc.
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