[Users] engine reports and dwh setup in 3.3.2

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 14:42:03 UTC 2013

I have some questions regarding wheat in subject fro 3.3.2.

In November I upgraded my AIO install from fc18 3.2.3 to fc19 3.3.1  following:

All went ok.
In Fc18 reports and DWH worked ok if I rememebr correctly.

Probably in November I didn't run any setup again for dwh and
reports... after upgrade
This is a test/home server

Today I updated to 3.3.2 without problems and tried upgrade of dwh and
reports too.

One problem I found is that upgrading from f18 to f19, now my postgres
user cannot directly connect to db without password.

I see that my pg_hba.conf is now this way
local   all             all                                     md5
host    ovirtenginereports engine_reports               md5
host    ovirtenginereports engine_reports  ::0/0                   md5
host    all             all               md5
host    all             all             ::1/128                 md5

so that running


aborted because of db connections such as

2013-12-21 14:27:47::DEBUG::common_utils::908::root:: retcode = 0
2013-12-21 14:27:47::DEBUG::common_utils::864::root:: Executing
command --> '/bin/su -l postgres -c /usr/bin/psql -U postgres -d
template1 -tAc "select 1;"' in working directory '/root'
2013-12-21 14:27:47::DEBUG::common_utils::906::root:: output =
2013-12-21 14:27:47::DEBUG::common_utils::907::root:: stderr =
Password for user postgres:
psql: fe_sendauth: no password supplied

I temporarily solved putting this entry for unix domains local access
in my pg-hba.conf and restarting the db service

local   all             postgres                                     trust

and dwh setup completed ok with this ouptut below where I see a
possible bug in the initial username request
But what if a fresh install? Would the setup give the same error for
default fc19 restricted postgres setup?

Also, It asks me if I want to create it and instead of asking the
username it suddenly outputs an error also at first input
But then it asks the username again and all goes well.
The first request shouldn't give error...

[root at tekkaman ~]#  ovirt-engine-dwh-setup
Welcome to ovirt-engine-dwh setup utility

This utility can configure a read only user for DB access. Would you
like to do so? (yes|no): yes
Error: user name cannot be empty
Provide a username for read-only user : ovirt_ruser
Provide a password for read-only user:
Warning: Weak Password.
Re-type password:
Should postgresql be setup with secure connection? (yes|no): yes

Existing DB was found on the system. The size of the detected DB is 27
MB, free space in the backup folder /var/lib/ovirt-engine/backups is
approximately 10.0 GB.

The upgrade utility can backup the existing database. The time and
space required for the database backup depend on its size. The
detected DB size is 27 MB. This process takes time, and in some cases
(for instance, when the size is few GBs) may take few hours to
complete. Would you like to continue and backup the existing database?
Answering "no" will skip the backup step and continue the upgrade
without backing up the database (yes|no): yes
Are you sure you would like to continue and backup database
Answering "no" will stop the upgrade (yes|no): yes
Backing up the DB...                                  [ DONE ]
Upgrade DB...                                         [ DONE ]
Creating read-only user...                            [ DONE ]
Setting DB connectivity...                            [ DONE ]
Starting ovirt-engine...                              [ DONE ]
Starting oVirt-ETL...                                 [ DONE ]
Successfully installed ovirt-engine-dwh.
The installation log file is available at:
The DB was backed up as
The DB backup was created with compression. You must use "pg_restore"
command if you need to recover the DB from the backup.

For reports setup I got instead this kind of error in war deploy

[root at tekkaman ~]# ovirt-engine-reports-setup
Welcome to ovirt-engine-reports setup utility
In order to proceed the installer must stop the ovirt-engine service
Would you like to stop the ovirt-engine service (yes|no): yes
Stopping ovirt-engine...                              [ DONE ]
Editing XML files...                                  [ DONE ]
Setting DB connectivity...                            [ DONE ]
Exporting scheduled reports...                        [ DONE ]
Exporting current users...                            [ DONE ]
Deploying Server...                                   [ ERROR ]
Failed step import-minimal-ce of JasperReports Server
Error encountered while installing ovirt-engine-reports, please
consult the log file:

and in log

[advanced-sql] Executing resource:
[advanced-sql] 0 rows affected
[advanced-sql] 5 of 153 SQL statements executed successfully

Total time: 2 seconds

2013-12-21 15:00:23::DEBUG::common_utils::1028::root:: stderr =
[advanced-sql] Failed to execute:   create table JIAccessEvent ( id
int8 not null, user_id int8 not null, event_date timestamp not null,
resource_id int8 not null, updating bool not null, primary key (id) )
[advanced-sql] org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation
"jiaccessevent" already exists

I uploaded both dwh and reports logs

see the zip of various attempts and engine.log here

for reports:

The problem is that now, without the reports war, if I try to run
setup for the engine again I get:

          --== CONFIGURATION PREVIEW ==--

          Database name                      : engine
          Database secured connection        : False
          Database host                      : localhost
          Database user name                 : engine
          Database host name validation      : False
          Datbase port                       : 5432
          NFS setup                          : True
          NFS mount point                    : /ISO
          Firewall manager                   : iptables
          Configure WebSocket Proxy          : True
          Host FQDN                          : tekkaman.localdomain.local
          Set application as default page    : True
          Configure Apache SSL               : False

[ INFO  ] Backing up database to
[ INFO  ] Updating database schema
[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Misc configuration': [Errno 2] No
such file or directory:
[ INFO  ] Yum Performing yum transaction rollback
[ INFO  ] Rolling back database schema
[ INFO  ] Clearing database engine
[ INFO  ] Restoring database engine
[ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up
          Log file is located at
[ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO  ] Stage: Termination
[ ERROR ] Execution of upgrade failed

see log here:

BTW: note the cosmetical bug of mmisprinting the word "Database" in
port numebr line

           Datbase port                       : 5432

ANy input to solve reports and engine-setup problem appreciated.

On thing I noticed about dhw is that in
I have
[root at tekkaman ovirt-engine-dwh]# ll
total 8
-rw-rw----. 1 root  root  1373 Dec 21 14:58 Default.properties
-rw-rw----. 1 ovirt ovirt 1052 Oct 17 18:16 Default.properties.rpmnew

[root at tekkaman ovirt-engine-dwh]# diff Default.properties
< ovirtEngineHistoryDbUser=engine_history
> ovirtEngineHistoryDbUser=postgres
< ovirtEngineHistoryDbPassword=0489TGUU
> ovirtEngineHistoryDbPassword=
< ovirtEngineDbUser=engine
> ovirtEngineDbUser=postgres
< ovirtEngineDbPassword=passw0rd
< #Connection Definition to Engine Health Status Portal
< ## Connection Protocol (SSL or Unencrypted)
< ovirtEnginePortalConnectionProtocol=https
< ## Portal Address (JBoss' Location)
< ovirtEnginePortalAddress=tekkaman.localdomain.local
< ## Portal Port (JBoss' Port)
< ovirtEnginePortalPort=443
> ovirtEngineDbPassword=
< etlVersion=3.3.2

the password lines were encrypted during upgrade; previously there was
plain password.
And also etlVersion that contained 3.2 now contains current version
So I presume it wwent ok


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