[Users] ISO datastore, permission denied

Blaster Blaster at 556nato.com
Mon Dec 23 15:56:56 UTC 2013

I have an ISO datastore.  In that datastore I'm using symlinks to point 
to my ISOs on an NFS share.  All was working great.

Along comes Black Friday and a shiny new 3TB hard drive.  Out goes the 5 
yo old 500gb drive with EXT 4 and in comes new 3TB drive with BTRFS.

I installed new drive, shutdown VMs and use tar c | tar x to move data 
over.   unmount old, remount new.  Fire up VMs, all us well. Create new 
VM, attach boot ISO and I get:
VM Gremlin is down. Exit message: internal error process exited while 
connecting to monitor: qemu-system-x86_64: -drive 
could not open disk image 
Permission denied .

huh?  I search archives and see others have had this error in the 
past...Follow the suggestions...Run the nfstest python script, passes, 
check getsebool shows virt_use_nfs --> on.

Also went through: http://www.ovirt.org/Troubleshooting_NFS_Storage_Issues

My NFS server is Solaris 11.1, ZFS storage.

If I copy the ISO directly to the directory it works fine.   What am I 
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