[Users] ovirt-engine-sdk-java released

Michael Pasternak mpastern at redhat.com
Wed Dec 25 07:53:06 UTC 2013

- to vms.add() added [action.vm.initialization.cloud-init]
- to NIC added OnBoot/BootProtocol properties
- to VersionCaps added a list of supported payload-encodings
- to Step added externalType
- to NIC added vnicProfile and bootProtocol
- to CPU added architecture
- to VnicProfilePermission added delete() method
- to Disk added readOnly
- to VMs.add() added [vm.cpu.architecture], [action.vm.initialization.cloud_init.*] arguments
- to Templates.add() added [template.cpu.architecture], [action.template.initialization.cloud_init.*] arguments
- to UserRoles.add() added permit.id|name arguments
- at VMSnapshot removed preview/undo/commit methods
- to DataCenterClusterGlusterVolumeGlusterBricks added activate/stopmigrate/migrate actions
- to NetworkVnicProfile added Permissions sub-collection
- to Cluster added [cluster.cpu.architecture]
- to DataCenter added Networks sub-collection
- to ClusterGlusterVolumeGlusterBricks added activate method
- to ClusterGlusterVolume added stoprebalance method
- to entry-point API added Permissions collection (for managing system-permissions)
- to host.install() added ssh related arguments
- to template added virtio_scsi.enabled
- to vm added virtio_scsi.enabled
- added ability to attach a disk snapshot to the virtual machine
- to File class added 'content' field
- Payload class now reuses Files instead of own PayloadFile collection

more details can be found at [1].

[1] http://www.ovirt.org/Java-sdk-changelog


Michael Pasternak
RedHat, ENG-Virtualization R&D

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