[Users] Engine as a VM

Kevin Tibi kevintibi at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 26 13:10:23 UTC 2013

Hi all,

i try to deploy engine as a VM. I use hosted-engine script. When my engine
is up the script failed. I saw ssl error. So i disable SSL on my host
(vdsm, libvirt, quemu) and on engine. But i have error when i switch host
to active.

Engine.log :

2013-12-26 14:09:22,641 INFO
(org.ovirt.thread.pool-6-thread-36) [3dcc628e] Activate finished. Lock
released. Monitoring can run now for host hosted_engine_1 from data-center
2013-12-26 14:09:22,683 INFO
(org.ovirt.thread.pool-6-thread-36) [3dcc628e] Correlation ID: 3eec943e,
Job ID: f88b35fc-5c68-4653-85f5-268a6177c9ad, Call Stack: null, Custom
Event ID: -1, Message: Host hosted_engine_1 was activated by admin at internal.
2013-12-26 14:09:22,732 INFO
(org.ovirt.thread.pool-6-thread-36) [3dcc628e] Lock freed to object
EngineLock [exclusiveLocks= key: 8dd64eb3-b935-4cc2-8ce8-776f52dd88f3
value: VDS
, sharedLocks= ]
2013-12-26 14:05:12,322 ERROR
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-90) Command
GetCapabilitiesVDSCommand(HostName = hosted_engine_1, HostId =
8dd64eb3-b935-4cc2-8ce8-776f52dd88f3, vds=Host[hosted_engine_1]) execution
failed. Exception: VDSNetworkException: javax.net.ssl.SSLException:
Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?

Have I forgotten something?

Thx :)

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