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Sander Grendelman sander at grendelman.com
Tue Dec 31 08:02:44 UTC 2013

On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 7:57 PM, Neil Schulz <neil.schulz at neteasy.us> wrote:

> I'm not very knowledgeable in VLANs. Sorry for the lack of knowledge in
> advance.
> Is it possible to create a VLAN for WAN traffic, to separate it from the
> internal network? I'd imagine so. It was a automated and simple process
> when use XenServer. I'm trying to switch from Xen to oVirt and when trying
> to recreate this, I'm unable to ping out from the VM.
> This leads me to believe the VLAN was created incorrectly. I created
> ifcfg-br1 on the host and through the engine, created the logical network
> with VLAN tagging 20. Does the interface, ifcfg-br1, require a public IP,
> any IP address, no ip address? (Sorry, never created a VLAN for WAN traffic
> as it was automated in XenServer)

Assigning an IP-address to a VM network in oVirt is _not_ mandatory,
it is only needed for "management" networks (ovirtmgmnt, display, storage)
where the _hosts_ need connectivity to resources on that network.

Is this a tagged or an untagged vlan? (an untagged vlan means only one vlan
per physical interface andneeds no extra configuration on the OS side)
Which other (physical) interfaces are in your "br1" interface?
Are the (tagged) vlans assigned to this interface?

A vlan interface on linux looks like this: "eth0.20" where eth0 is the
"physical" interface on which tagged vlans are configured and 20 is the
number of one of those interfaces.

In the case of an oVirt VM network the physical interface is bridged (and
sometimes bonded)
so the interface configuration looks like this: "br1.20".

The "normal" route for configuring a new network in ovirt is to configure
it in the "networks" tab
(as a VM network) and then assigin this network to physical- or bonded
interfaces on all the
hosts in your cluster.

> From there I have the VM installed and configured with a public IP
> address, however, only get Destination Host Unreachable, meaning it has no
> route out.
> I am banging my head on the desk trying to figure this out. Can anyone
> give me any assistance?
> Thank you,
> Neil
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