[Users] RAID1 mirror on ovirt-node + engine nfs server

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> Subject: [Users] RAID1 mirror on ovirt-node + engine nfs server
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> Hi.
> I've been reading about ovirt, and ready to try my own experiments with
> it.  I have two small questions..
> When an ovirt-node is installed from the standard ISO, there's no
> mention in the documentation about setting up a RAID1 mirror for the
> root disk on the node.  I'm sure that once I get around to working out
> kickstarting the node, I could easily install the raid1 mirror, but I'm
> just wondering why I don't see that in the default ISO. Maybe I'm just
> missing something.  Is redundancy of the disk on the node not
> important?  Sure, if the node goes down, I guess the VMs could be run on
> other nodes, but if we can prevent the node from going down in the first
> place, then why not?
> Kickstarting the Node is an interesting proposition, but not one that the
current image is well-suited for. Nor is support for mdraid devices, to be
honest. It's something worth considering (whether btrfs redundancy or
mdraid), but it's not currently implemented to my knowledge. I could be
wrong about that.

I also have a question about the storage backend.  In particular, I have
> a pretty powerful server that I intend to use as the NFS server, and a
> few servers to use as nodes.  On the other hand, I don't have a powerful
> machine (at the moment) to use for the ovirt-engine.  Would it be poor
> practice to run the ovirt-engine ON the NFS server?  During engine
> setup, I see that you can setup an NFS share for ISOs from the
> ovirt-engine, but I don't think there's mention of just generalized
> storage there.  I suspect it's "poor practice", but I thought I'd ask
> anyway.   My setup will be relatively small (say, 4 nodes), and this
> would let me reduce 1 general server from the infrastructure (dedicated
> ovirt-engine).

I run the engine virtualized as a guest on the NFS server. This is
definitely a workable use case, especially for small environments.
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