[Users] API read-only access / roles

Sander Grendelman sander at grendelman.com
Mon Nov 18 10:46:01 EST 2013

I'm working on (Zabbix) monitoring through the RESTful API.

Which role should I assign to the monitoring user?

The user only needs read access to the data but it looks like
I nead to assign at least an "Admin" role to the user to be
able to read data through the API.

For this I've created a "AdminLoginOnly" role that only has
System->Configure System->Login Permissions access.

Is this the way to go for this king of configuration? Or is there
a way to further minimize the permissions of this user?

Another issue is that a "Login" event is generated every time
the user connects through the API. This makes the "Events"
pane less useful / readable. Is there a way to disable this for
some users/roles?

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