[Users] Master Data Domain fails to activate

Mark Shields mshields at techsafari.com
Mon Nov 4 15:03:28 UTC 2013

oVirt 3.3 on CentOS 6.4.

I had the bright idea of shutting down all boxes then rebooting them
(trying to fix another unrelated problem).  Now I can't get the master
data domain to activate.  Here's the relevant section from the
engine.log on the ovirt-engine system (virt01):


>From above, what appears to be the error:

2013-11-04 09:58:23,726 ERROR
(pool-6-thread-13) [1455cecf] Command
org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.storage.ActivateStorageDomainCommand throw Vdc
Bll exception. With error message VdcBLLException: Cannot allocate IRS
server (Failed with VDSM error IRS_REPOSITORY_NOT_FOUND and code 5009)

Can someone provide assistance?

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